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1. 大家可以先过题目内容,了解考察的话题。
2. 熟记题干和答案单词并进行整理背诵
3. 听录音纠正单词表单词发音并背诵单词
4. 不暂停录音进行单词听写(暂不用写中文)
5. 有高分要求的同学可以同时掌握单词中文
Section4 预测重点  (10篇)
S4: 欧洲南部法国Trurim古堡每个部分的情况
s4: 美洲土著建筑的讲座
S4:室内垂直农业生产历史和利弊 vertical farmland
S4:trade pump,农业灌溉的脚踏水泵
S4:茶树油的历史和制作 Tea tree oil(Melaleuca Alternifolia)
S4:介绍一位建筑大师 A student is introducing an architect
S4:澳洲当代艺术及其艺术家和艺术品 contemporary aboriginal designs
S4:亚历山大图书馆 Introduction to Alexandria Library
Section3 预测重点(7篇)
s3: 回学校在学习的咨询
s3: 昆虫书籍介绍
s3: 缺课女生找导师咨询学习进度
S3 男女教师间的讨论( a man and a woman are talking, both of them are teachers)
S3 两人谈论关于化妆品消费人群的调查结果(two people discuss  their research about the consumer group of cosmetics)
S3:UK Bee research英国蜜蜂研究
Section2 预测重点(10篇)
s2: 纳税问题咨询
s2: 美术馆
S2: Media career development职业规划
S2:图书馆扩建的主题expansion of an old school library
S2:校园的地图介绍orientation program
S2 关于商场的促销广告(advertisement of promotion in a shopping center)
S2 大堡礁旅游(the Great barrier reef green island)
S2:旅游展览,tour exhibition travel show
S2:experiment course design discussion
S2:   一位男士接受采访,介绍即将上映的电影惊险片 A man with interview introducing an upcoming film called Triller Film.
Section1 预测重点(10篇)
s1: 打电话要求家庭打扫服务
s1: 滑冰会员咨询
S1: 航空公司工作求职场景,女的给男的介绍工作
S1:澳洲旅游a woman consults visiting somewhere of holiday
S1:销售大会会议安排地点(two students discuss arrange the academic meeting on physics lecture)
S1:买冰箱a woman wants to buy a fridge
S1:业余戏剧协会amateur drama society
S1:holiday inquiry 旅游咨询酒店
S1: 一个人打电话咨询去某地旅游,三家酒店的咨询 Hotel enquiry.
S1: 英国女人去新西兰租房子 rent a house via agent
Section 1
场景:澳洲旅游 A woman consults visiting somewhere of holiday
1-4) information filling
1. surname: Thore (有可能是Thorn)
2. length: 5 days
3. station near: Gold (en) coast
4. accommodation: apartment (first there is apartment, then motel)
5-7) choose a correct letter A, B or C
5. the near view photo taken of the:
A. Kangaroo B. Crocodile C. Koala
6. where does the boy like to go in amusement park:
A. water park B. dream park
7. The room is near: shopping center
8-10) multiple choice
facilities needed:
8. playroom   
9. laundry   
10. cleaning aid kit
Section 1
场景:holiday inquiry 旅行咨询酒店
1-10) completions: one word only
1. Address No. 14, Ocean Drive
Hotel room with
- good view and 2. there is a balcony for each room
3. gym facilities for adults only
4. room price: $ 155
5. exercise path nearby
6. ferry goes to the islands
7. alarm for fire
8. dinner dish must have: meat, benefit included the price for Delux room.
9. free unlimited usage for internet
contact ways:
10. telephone: work number 52431
Section 1
场景: 打电话要求家庭打扫服务 house cleaning service
1-4) completion
example: name Barbara hill
location: 1. southeast London
postcode: SW105O
room type: Two 2. double room
the other room was used as a (an) 3. office
downstairs: kitchen, conservatory, and 4. lounge
5-7) multiple choices
5. which of these extra services does the agent agree to do
A. change the bed linen   
B. do some gardening work   
C. clean the window glass.
6. what does the customer want to clean every three months?
A. curtains      B. carpets     C. mats (家里有baby会经常弄脏)
7. what does the customer want to be done with the clothe?
A. washes and ironed them
B. ironed them
C. cleaned and ironed them
8-10) completion
for clients information
address: 8. Amyes Street
clean service date available: Thursday (not first day) Monday is not available
The longest working booking of: 3 hours / each time
Section 1
1-5) matching
A. Freezer XXX Supreme
B. Cool maker
C. Both Freezer XXX Supreme and Cool maker
1. the fridge is made is USA – B
2. repair in various locations – C
3. the fridge only have silver colour – A
4. used the mental easy to clean (glass + metal) – B
5.Freeze shelf is under the body – A
6-10) completion
6. name: Mrs.: Beecroft
7. deliver fees : $ 10
8. the payment method: the woman choose cash
9. there is No elevator in the building
10. total price: $ 922
Section 1
1. name: Sara Meehan (念到double ‘e’)
2. department: recruitment department
3. there are occasional mid-night flights
4. requirements for skills: English and math
5. 29 October
6. vision
7. helping customers
8. preparing food refreshment
9. cultural awareness
10. 男的café工作的经验 now training of 6 months(女的说以前的时候是 3 months)
Section 1
场景:业余戏剧协会,是个男的打电话去咨询某amateur drama society,女的接电话
1. rehearsal (排练) address: the club house
2.女的说他们在招募 no experience required, but especially want actors and male singer 然后女的问有没有车
3. really need someone who can drive (协会需要人开车运东西)
4. meeting open 6-8 pm, every Tuesday (男的有说 I have private lesson tutoring on Thursday; 男的反复确认不是Thursday,干扰)
5. close time: August (问什么时候回休息放假不排练)
6. membership includes a dinner every year (录音说annual dinner, 替换)
7. member fee: 40 pounds and 60 pounds, unemployment and retired: 25 pounds
8. 小孩的年纪最大max limit: age of 16 and under
9. 常有的剧目 (莎士比亚的Shakespeare)people involved are mainly modern play
10. Christmas charity 表演—money raised from this will go to children’s hospital.
Section 1
1. cell phone number: 021 3972256
2. rent for average house room $ 550
3. 房子有书架: has a new shelf
4. parking on the street
5. opposite to the playground for children
6. good, no stairs (only one floor)
7. good for: a view of lake or the mountain
8. for children: a good school
rent fee includes: electricity
9. 费用 any extra, any major damage
10. 费用 should pay any necessary cleaning
Section 1
1. lecture subject: email marketing / lecture room number: 304 (交替出题)
2. there provides: iced coffee before discussion; after meeting and sandwich
3. project after discussion at another department
4. arrange car to station at 2.00
5-10) table completion (交替出题)
Section 1
场景:滑冰会员咨询 (in order to consult some information about the registration of skiing for her son and nephew, mum made a call to the skiing center)
1-5) completions
1. the exact address: next to a garage
2. park car in the West Park, as the north is only for staff.
3. The closing Time for the center is till midnight in December
4. Hotel provides special drink, including hot chocolate
5. there is a variety of food for children, and then Mum asked whether there is pizza available.
6-10) table fillings
to ask a variety of curriculum arrangements an notes.
Section 1
场景:hotels enquiry:一个人打电话咨询去某地旅游,三家酒店的咨询。
Section 2
11-12) Multiple Choice
11. People go to XX to:
A. get transport to the location
B. book a place
C. ask for price
12. Who will present today’s event?
A. a famous people/career adviser
B. a media professional
C. a lecturer
13-17) Table Completion
13. a TV producer
14. another guy will be giving a speech, his is doing music videos
15. activity during that time: film
16. camera man
17. DJ
18-20) Matching
C. make good contacts
E. travel to other places
F. learn techniques
Section 2
11-15) Multiple Choice
11. Why XXX didn’t attend today?
A. She’s not very well
B. David is the manage director now
C. 暂缺
12. Disadvantage of new library?
A. expensive ticket
B. lack of publicity
C. inconvenient time
13. What did the man said about theft at library?
A. building facility was destroyed
B. a large number of items were stolen
C. theft already had preparation and plans
14. Why they want to expand the library?
A. it has no renovation since it was founded
B. it needs to double the number of computers
C. need to increase number of visiting people
15. The investment of library will be deployed to?
A. extra staff recruit
B. computer
C. lighting
16-20) Map Matching
16. child room-C
17. committee room-E
18. café-B
19. academic room-H
20. multimedia room-G
Section 2
11-15) Map Matching
11. a student service unit-B
12. health unit/centre-D
13. student centre-F
14. international unit-A
15. accommodation office-E
16-20) Completion
16. Every room has its own shower.
17. Most food containers have students’ name on them.
18. When you entered the dorm building, a security code is needed to go in hostel.
19. Laundry facilities situated in basement of the hostel.
20. All TV, radio. etc should be turn off after 11.30 pm.
Section 2
11-20) Completion
11. There are 90 shops including two department stores in this shopping centre.
12. There are over 800 covered car parking positions.
13. There are information available for public transport.
14. It also has service of finding lost children.
If joining in the shipping centre, kids can have
19. Their own wallet
20. a discount card on birthday
Section 2
11-14) Multiple Choice
11. Green island is special for its
A. water (the water is clean)
B. fish
C. plant
12. Who built/founded this park?
13-14. In what condition tourists can have a good view in the sea?
A. no wind
B. no rain for a week
15-20) Matching
A. visitor can do all the time
B. visitor can do something
C. visitor cannot do at anytime
15. beach activities-B
16. climb mountain-B
17. private boat-A
18. feed the fish-B
19. touch the fish-C
20. take photos-A
Section 2
11. You need to prove enough evidence to certificate your income, otherwise it will cost a lot.
12. Evidence includes: invoice and bank statements.
13. Tax will start to count from April to March next year.
14. Penalty up to 3000 pounds.
15. Also need to know the previous employers who can offer a statement of XX.
16. If you own a new car, new tax rate will be calculated.
17. It is easier to make a calculation at one time.
18. Do not occupy storage space.
19. The government will assume you make a mistake.
20. Download the form from Tax Office website.
Section 2
11-15) Multiple Choice
11. Drama writer is also
A. leading actor
B. director
C. producer
12. Story happened in
A. garden
B. room
C. underground passage
13. Reason for not leaving island is
A. money is stolen
B. boat were destroyed
C. people were killed
14. What should be done at midnight?
A. lawyer would make an announcement
B. guests would appear
C. money will be given out
15. What happened in the story?
A. 暂缺
B. 暂缺
C. people were killed
16-18) Matching
A. heroine
B. hero
C. lawyer
D. maid servant
E. mid-aged woman
16. don’t know what will happen-A
17. another frightened-E
18. who can predict future-D
19-20) Completion
19. Time to be on 7.30 pm.
20. Played in Town Hall instead of XX as usual.
Section 2
11-16) Multiple Choice
11. The audience of Manwell Lo (event manager) is mainly
A. staff (the yellow T-shirt)
B. public
C. journalist (the press)
12. When was the travel show first held?
A. 1884
B. 1928
C. 1949
13. How many attendants expected to be this year?
A. 12,000
B. 15,000
C. 17,000
14. What exhibition will be held?
A. cookery
B. music
C. photograph
15. What does Tom talk about?
A. the Nile river
B. the Sahara desert
C. the Andes mountain
16. The winner of competition could be provided with
A. free ticket to art festival
B. shopping voucher
C. free ticket to a park
17-20) Map Matching
17. tour operator-F
18. airlines-H
19. cook demonstrate-A
20. India stand-B
Section 2
11-16) Matching
A. very boring
B. too difficult
C. easy to understand
D. need special equipment
E. cheap
F. immediate result
G. good math practice
H. take longer than usual to do
11. course of steam engine-B
12. breakfast cereal-E
13. bounce balls-C
14. paper making-A
15. tie water experiment-H
16. extract glue from milk-F
17-20) Map Matching
17. metal container-F
18. upper strainer-C
19. drip tip-B
20. pottery upper strainer-A
Section 2
11-15) Multiple Choice
11. The first exhibit was bought by
A. the Queen
B. the state government
C. a business man
12. The feature of the museum can be seen in its
A. quality
B. variety
C. unique oil paintings
13. The building Drake Wing is
A. a collection of interesting oil paintings
B. a part of the new building
C. the latest collection of paintings
14. the guided tour can be
A. no extra charge (fee)
B. three times a day
C. after your donation
15. The museum closes later at once a week the time for
A. 6 pm Wednesday
B. 9 pm Thursday
C. 暂缺
16-18) Completion
16. Museum A’s location is by law court river, near the harbour.
17. Material used in building the Victoria Museum floors is built with recycled materials.
18. Museum’s top floor can see the collect works from local artistsin exhibition.
19-20) Multiple Choice
19. How to get to the spot near the law court?
A. by No.21 bus
B. by river taxi
C. by taxi or buses
20. In 1950s the museum was used as
A. warehouse
B. 暂缺
C. 暂缺
Section 3
场景:回校再学习的咨询 A woman what go BACK TO STUDY, library information.
21-26) Completion
21. Compared with the past when they searched books by card catalogue(s)  (that was printed card on books and titles)
22. current Course catalogue是什么? computer
23. It's about the journal, but it's about books above, and journals are different. Look for ××× in a private library. It has a printed list
24. Where could they find it, it is not in the library? 如果图书馆没有,可以去什么地方找?  British Library and other university
(和 they could borrow from other universities’ library because the British Library is connected with them on line.)
25. Librarian will provide photocopy of article 一份复印件
26. If you are graduate student, discount and subsidize will be £10free vouchers and also save time.
27-30) Table Completion
Section 3
It's about the reference books on INSECTS. There are several reports about insects. Who wrote them? What pictures do they have? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Section 3
21-25) Completion: write one word ONLY for each answer
21. one student wants to major in Economics (Economics, drop the S, is a mistake, but the trap is that she said in this term she chose accounting, international business and another course)
22. She thinks the statistics(统计学) is difficult, but it is compulsory.(必修)
23. If withdraw(退订) statistics, this course would be recorded to academic record.
24. Why does the girl think statistics is difficult, because she has difficulties to understand the basic ideas.
25. The teacher suggests students regard the course Statics as a challenge.
26-30) Table Completion There are many ways to improve the study
26. go to ask the secretary (教学秘书)
27. administration office
28. to meet class representative
29. a postgraduate student
30. in the computer centre
Section 3
场景:男女教师间的讨论 A man and a woman (both are teachers) are talking.
21-22) Completion
What does the man satisfied with about the course this semester?
(The woman asks the man)
21. Course: topic is well organized and Next term: don't have the Writing’s Museum
22. trip during the time
Then they are talking about something they are not satisfied with the man give some advise on how to solve and improve them.
23-26) Matching About the facilities in the school
A. definitely have in next courses
B. it possible will have
C. it does not to be done at all/definitely not
23. find large rooms (Classroom size) -- A  do next time
(About this the man says the classroom is too small and crowded. It's dangerous. The woman agrees with that and should report this).
24. discussion group: B (It is suggested that students have to be there, the woman says she’s not sure and has to ask the Dean’s office so choose “Not sure when it can be changed.”)
25. use of library system A (It’s certain they are going to do it next term.)
26. individual talk with other countries students C
The following is two students discussing about how to assess the score of the final test.
27-30) Table completion
Section 3
21-22) Multiple Choices
1. What inspired them to choose this topic?
A.  inspire by an article (女的说 from magazine)
B.  suggested by a lecture
C.  after an assignment being done
2. The amount of different age group which uses the cosmetics. 选 C
陷阱: She thought people between 21-30 should be more than that of over 30, but to her surprise, it was the opposite.
23-26) Completions
The woman tells the man what they really care about? 女的他们都关心哪些间题
23. low price of the product
24. size (of container)
25. fashion
26. smell
27-30) Matching
A. interview (原文说face to face)
B. questionnaire 问卷
C. Verbalization 口述
27. impact of environment —C
28. shopping pattern & habit—A
29. advertising—B (written)
30. brand loyalty —A (then, we wanted to do it by interview but finally we finish it by verbalization)
Section 3
场景:UK Bee Research英国蜜蜂研究
21-26)Multiple Choices
21. what is the bee hive look live on the picture?
A. nursery   
B. factory     
C. home
22. what do they think of the bee smell?
A. It’s a method of social communication
B. It’s better than taste
C. It can detect danger
23. What should be further discussed in the presentation?
A. factors caused the decline of bee population
24. How to present the research to the audience?
A. video   
B. quiz (not interested in it)   
C. bee equipment
25. Which part of the presentation should be improved?
A. layout of the research report (structure)
B. background knowledge
C. communication with audience
26. What should be additions the report?
B. the influence of bee to city economy
27-30) Matching
27. Asian Bee—effective
28. Vanguard Bee—can be safety used in all equipment
29. Blue-ribbon Bee—available anywhere
30. ×××× Bee—can be used in any condition
Section 3
场景:一位女孩(kethy) 介绍她们制作的火箭
Section 4
场景:in 1500s一个法国人在南法发现一个叫做Trurim的城堡
31. Roman trading grains of XX’s findings: pottery
32.一个法国人发现了___的遗址 1500s, a French found the remain of castle(remain易被写成误答)
33. archeologists and Swedish conducted a full survey.
34-40) Table Completion
Section 4
场景:native American architecture 美洲土著建筑的讲座
Section 4
场景:垂直农业vertical farming—inside farming
31.农业的这个过程需要更多水和___The process on farm needs more water and irrigation.
32.种植庄稼还有运输需要很多的___,非常昂贵,不经济实惠 plant corps and transport which needs more oil, very pricy, not economical.
33. 主要的好处是增加了获得___的可能性 major advantage: the increase availability of food.
34.稳定的___是必须 Need constant temperature, which is a must.
35.  对于野生动物来说,___ 消失 ,野生动物数量减少To wildlife animals:Cause habitat losses for wildlife animals,declined population
36.___里营养物质的减少 Loss of nutrient in the soil (同义替换 degradation)
37.室内种植或多或少(few or less)减少___的风险 ,不出现___reduce the risk of disease, not produce pesticides.
38.很大程度的水土流失是因为___造成的 great erosion was caused by floods
39. ___能源是可信赖的,solar energy is reliable(wind是干扰选项)
40…的种植需要特定的___ Plant of…need certain humidity
Section 4
31. 16世纪被用作___ be used as money
32. 17世纪,被制作成___巧克力 be processed as liquid chocolate( solid干扰选项)
33.18世纪,Americans把___加到了巧克力里 Americans added sugarinto chocolate
34.19世纪,调查者发现它对人的___有影响 researchers found it has impact on people’s mood
35. 第一出口大国是___ The top export to country is Italy(提示句:the sweet, sensuous flavor and feel of the beverage appealed greatly to the Italians…)
36. Sold in chocolate bar stored in stone tanks ware houses.
37. 农场里不同___的商店和工厂在...不同  shops or factories in farms of different sizes vary in…
38.选择非洲是因为更便宜的___And choose Africa because of cheaper labour (提示句:the manufacture chose that way because the cost is low)
39.对于非洲当地的___来说很重要 It’s important to local economy in Africa.
40.选择靠近___的地区为了方便运输 choose the site which is near the coast area for good transportation.
Section 4
场景: 农业灌溉的脚踏水泵Treadle pump
31. 在干旱的季节,人们去___寻找有报酬的工资 They goes to cities look for paid jobs.
32. 他们农耕在In cool period进行灌溉
34. Plastic tube
35. 暂缺
36. diesel fuels
37.增加了轮子,addition to bamboo filter
38. 新的方便___和保持The new one is easy to store and maintenance
39. install
40. 只需要两天来___Only need two days for training.很容易生产,当地(local)生产就行
Section 4
场景: 茶树油的历史和制作tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)
31-35) Matching the people with correct incident
A.     bring tea tree oil into Australia in 1770
B.     challenge the benefit of tea tree oil
C.     report the special eating habit in Australia
D.     list plant species
E.     study the tea tree oil
F.     Saw Australian aborigines drink
G.     use tea tree for medical treatment
31. Aborigines G
提示句:For thousands of years, Aborigines used the leaves traditionally for many medical purposes, including chewing the young leaves to alleviate headache and for other ailments
32. Dutch explorer C
33. Sir Hugh Palliser B
34.Captain James Cook F
提示句:tea trees ,also called  paper bark trees, were named by captain James Cook, who first brewed a tea from the leaves soon after arriving at the coast of New South Wales in 1770.
35. Dr A.R. Penfold E
提示句:in 1920s, Dr. RA Penefold, a government chemist in Sydney, Australia, was credited for beginning the human clinical research and documentation of the many benefits associated with tea tree oil.
36-40) Sentence completion
36. 茶树在___的时候会储存油,聚集有用的物质 Tea tree will store oil during winter accumulate the useful substance
37. 放树叶和___put leaves and stems
38. 水和油蒸发了后上升到储藏器的盖子 The water and the oil vapor rose up to the lid of the containers
39. 根据___的原则 according to the principle of gravity
40. 水会顺着管子流向___ the water will go to the tubes onto the ground
Section 4
场景:介绍一位建筑大师 a student is introducing an “ architect’’
31-34) choose the correct letter
31.why dose the student choose this topic?
B. a local building is interesting当地的一个建筑有趣
C. he has interest in the experience of this architect.他对建筑家的经历感兴趣
32.why dose the architect take architecture as his career?
A. under the influence of his father.受他父亲的影响
B. he made the first wrong decision他做了错误的决定
C.he made the first wrong decision. 他做了第一个错误的决定
33.why did the man finally come back from London?
B. to get more business opportunities
C. win more respect.(易误选)
34. what is the architect famous for?
B.joined the association and become a chairman加入协会成为主席
C.he was pointed a head of royal association.他被任命为皇家协会的首领
35-40) Table completion
Section 4
场景:关于医院问卷调查总结(hospital condition及改善)
31-33) the major reasons for people choose one hospital选择一家医院的原因
31. transport is convenient.交通便利
32. the building should be clean( modern是陷阱)建筑干净
33. should provide some information to the patients给病人提供信息
34-37) the future plan for the hospital 医院的未来计划
34.help build new web page for local doctors and medical staffs为当地医生和相关职业人员建立新的网页
35. award staff with effective bonus.用额外的奖金奖励员工
36.help visitors …
37. effective assess communication from all levels(evaluation=assess)各部门间有效的沟通途径
38-39) 医院一个new unit will be built soon aim for the patients who are having 医院的一个新的部门的设立旨在
To cure patients with 38.sleep disturbance(睡眠紊乱)and also for 39.plastic surgery patients services.(整形手术)
improvement suggests:
The hospital has many equipments, but it should improve 40. planning surgery.
Section 4
场景:澳洲当代艺术及其艺术家和艺术品contemporary aboriginal designs
Ernabella  arts
31. rugs made from wool(cotton是干扰)
the older women collected wool and took it away to their more familiar camp, and the others made  floor -rugs in craft room.老妇人收集了羊毛并把它们带到了跟多的家庭露营中,剩下的人在手工室里制作了地毯
Tiwi design
32.设计师擅长bird imagines(natural干扰)
the early designs,…were inspired by the environment and incorporated fish, bird and lizard motifs.
33.design e.g..用于求雨 in symbol asking of rain
Bima wear
34.based on symbols, structures, family and nature
The fabrics produced at Bima wear feature the:…ancient symbols, structures ,family and environmental representations which are central to their culture.
Desert designs:Jimmy Pike
35.Jimmy Pike began his life as an design artist start in prison从监狱起家
…in Fremantle prison where he attended art classes taught  by Steve Culley , a founder ,with David Wroth, of desert designs.
36.design can be used in making clothing.设计可以被用来制作衣服
37.灵感来源于Australia, especially the desert.
Desert designs is a commercial business which originated in western Australia in the 1980s.Many of their designs are created by an aboriginal man, jimmy Pike ,from the Kimberly region, his traditional  land is the Walmajarri Great Sandy desert country.
Bronwyn Bancroft
38. Cathy Freeman’s jeans出名因为snake
the imagery is of snakes and lizards moving really quickly across the Australian terrain.Just as Cathy does, not only in Australia but on the world stage.
39.Fabric’s Background looks like a rainbow
in aboriginal tradition ,the rainbow Serpent is the creator.have also painted a rainbow background to show the optimism….
40.最后举例,讲一个年轻夫妇love命名为: the couple case.
Section 4
场景:亚历山大图书馆introduction to Alexandria library
31. the first known library is different from other libraries in that
A. it aimed to contain books from around the world旨在保护全世界的书籍
B. it is ancient/old( 干扰选项,是另一个图书馆的信息)
C. its value for research对研究的价值
32. the Alexandria library was founded so that
A.only experts in Egypt  to use 只供埃及的专家使用
B. the king could increase his knowledge国王可以增长知识
C.for all common people对所有人开放
33. when library doesn’t find any of their books outside the shop, the Egyptian government would?
A. Compensate  for author to keep the original book 补偿作者
B. ask the author to sell the book让作者卖书
C. Copy the book and return the original book仿制书籍,把原来的书籍还回去
34.the Egyptian king failed to?
A. Fail to give deposit 没给押金
B. Fail to return the original book 没还书
C. Fail to pay off his debt.没还债
35-40) matching
A. Alexandria library
B. Egyptian government
C. Alexandria City Council
D. Egypt university
E. mayor Frederico
F. Mohammed Hosni Mubarak
G. foreign governments
H. Mastafa Abbadi
35.starting the construction of the new library
H.Mastafa  Abbadi
the Egypt university’s principal
36.providing a site:
A.   Alexandria library
37.requesting money from various countries
E. mayor Frederico
38.heading the International commission
F. Mohammed Hosni Mubarak
39.giving the equipment
G. foreign governments
40.providing the rest 120 million
B. Egyptian government



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