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文章题目Undergraduate students study dramas
重复年份20160331 20141018
文章大意文学专业学生的课程指南,提到了让学生观看英国不同时期剧院中的戏剧, 并列举了不同时期四种剧院的特点。
Medieval period Main article: Medieval theatre By the medieval period, the mummers' plays had developed, a form of early street theatre associated with the Morris dance, concentrating on themes such as Saint George and the Dragon and Robin Hood. These were folk tales re-telling old stories, and the actors travelled from town to town performing these for their audiences in return for money and hospitality.
Renaissance: Elizabethan and Jacobean periods
The period known as the English Renaissance, approximately 1500—1660, saw a flowering of the drama and all the arts. The two candidates for the earliest comedy in English Nicholas Udall's Ralph Roister Doister (c. 1552) and the anonymous Gammer Gurton's Needle (c. 1566), belong to the 16th century. During the reign of Elizabeth I (1558–1603) and then James I (1603–25), in the late 16th and early 17th century, a London-centred culture, that was both courtly and popular, produced great poetry and drama. The English playwrights were intrigued by Italian model: a conspicuous community of Italian actors had settled in London. The linguist and lexicographer John Florio (1553–1625), whose father was Italian, was a royal language tutor at the Court of James I, and a possible friend of and influence on William Shakespeare, had brought much of the Italian language and culture to England. He was also the translator of Montaigne into English. The earliest Elizabethan plays includes Gorboduc (1561) by Sackville and Norton and Thomas Kyd's (1558–94) revenge tragedy The Spanish Tragedy (1592), that influenced Shakespeare's Hamlet.
17th and 18th centuries
Aphra Behn was the first professional English woman playwright.
During the Interregnum 1649—1660, English theatres were kept closed by the Puritans for religious and ideological reasons. When the London theatres opened again with the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660, they flourished under the personal interest and support of Charles II. Wide and socially mixed audiences were attracted by topical writing and by the introduction of the first professional
actresses (in Shakespeare's time, all female roles had been played by boys). New genres of the Restoration were heroic drama, pathetic drama, and Restoration comedy. Notable heroic tragedies of this period include John Dryden's All for Love (1677) and Aureng-zebe (1675), and Thomas Otway's Venice Preserved (1682). The Restoration plays that have best retained the interest of producers and audiences today are the comedies, such as George Etherege's The Man of Mode (1676), William Wycherley's The Country Wife (1676), John Vanbrugh's The Relapse (1696), and William Congreve's The Way of the World (1700). This period saw the first professional woman playwright, Aphra Behn, author of many comedies including The Rover (1677). Restoration comedy is famous or notorious for its sexual explicitness, a quality encouraged by Charles II (1660–1685) personally and by the rakish aristocratic ethos of his court.Victorian era A change came in the Victorian era with a profusion on the London stage of farces, musical burlesques, extravaganzas and comic operas that competed with Shakespeare productions and serious drama by the likes of James Planché and Thomas William Robertson. In 1855, the German Reed Entertainments began a process of elevating the level of (formerly risqué) musical theatre in Britain that culminated in the famous series of comic operas by Gilbert and Sullivan and were followed by the 1890s with the first Edwardian musical comedies. W. S. Gilbert and Oscar Wilde were leading poets and dramatists of the late Victorian period.[16] Wilde's plays, in particular, stand apart from the many now forgotten plays of Victorian times and have a much closer relationship to those of the Edwardian dramatists such as Irishman George Bernard Shaw and Norwegian Henrik Ibsen.
文章题目Unique golden textile
重复年份20160421 20131121
题型小标题 6+人名配对 4+填空 3
文章大意蜘蛛丝与纺织品。文章讲述了 golden spider 是如何在体内把 Liquid silk 转化为 solid silk 的过程,文章中提到了一些科学家针对蜘蛛做的实验,如 何提高 capacity。在结尾两段讲述了关于 spider silk 的医学应用及市场的 积极前景。
i experiment of an old idea
ii lifecycle of Madagascar spiders
iii advances in textile industry
iv resources to meet demands
v physical property of spider silk
vi scientific analysis spider silk
vii work of art
viii importance of silk textile
ix difficult to raise spider in capacity
14. Paragraph A viii
15. Paragraph B v
16. Paragraph C ix
17. Paragraph Di
18. Paragraph E iv
19. Paragraph F vii
人名配对 4:
A. Simon Peers B. Nicholas Godlley C. Blackledge
20. need tremendous spider to make a small amount of spider silk B
21 Scientists want qualities of spider silk for medical use A
22 Scientists make progress to manufacture spider silk C
23 spider silk materials are be of strength A
填空 3:
24. grow silk by introduce genetic material into bacteria and animals
25. Silk come from liquid protein made in a gland inside of bodies.
26. Spider silk spins cause force to make liquid turn to solid silk.
文章题目 British Woodlands
重复年份 20160430 20120421
题材 自然环境
题型 段落细节配对 7+选词填空 7
文章大意 讲的是英国森林的演变利用和最后的管理,大致文章脉络是在人类的入侵之 前英国的植被覆盖情况,工业革命之后,人们对森林的掠夺从以燃烧原料和 建筑材料为目的到了以工业发展为目的,后来人们意识到保护森林的重要, 开始投入人力物力进行保护。
27 a description of careless working practices that harm woodland F
28 details of landscape prior to human intervention B
29 arguments against cash rewards H
30 a botanical source of evidence for the appearance of primitive woodland B
31 reasons for reduced economic importance of woodland E
32 a reason for recent improvements of woodland management G
33 an implication for people of unhealthy tree A
Evolution of British Woodland
When woodland started to grow after last Ice Age. certain 
34. species naturally
dominated certain regions of Britain. People then intervened to reduce the woodland by using grazing animals and methods such as 35. burning and coppicing. An increasing number of trees have been grown to meet the demand of 
36. Industry
Situations of woodland in Britain deteriorated due to the use of 
37. I and the rigid
38. planting patterns of woodland. Such practices also destroyed the 
39.habits G of animals and other wildlife. However, in the twentieth century, the state of woodland in Britain has been improved. 40.grants available for fund encourage people to plant trees in good quality.















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