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引言:雅思听力section 2 中经常会考到一些社会事件,比如说会议、展览、节日等。参加这些社会活动就需要通过网站、单页等来了解活动。
一、 Listening situation: social events (section 2)
雅思听力section 2 中经常会考到一些社会事件,比如说会议、展览、节日等。参加这些社会活动就需要通过网站、单页、通知版、广告等来了解活动的信息、日程安排、主题等详细信息。一些大型会议和活动学生是可以选择参加的,而且还提供住宿和餐饮,一切都只需要在注册的时候声明并且缴纳相应的费用即可。
Events: Convention, exhibition, conference, festival, exposition
Examples: Australian retailers’ convention, art exhibition, business conference, summer music festival, drama festival, travel exposition, world expo, cartoon exhibition, flower exhibition, auto show
Publicity: website/internet, leaflets, flyers, notice board, posters, advertisements, good for a family, children, adult, senior citizens
Transportation: bus, taxi, cab, subway, tube, coach, parking problems
Agenda: dates, timetable
Focus/theme: music/live music, art, ballet, clothes, drama, food, business, demonstration, comics, flower arrangement, biscuits
Celebration: parade, dance, chorus, music band
Catering: café, restaurant, pub, cafeteria, canteen, refectory, dining room, refreshments, snacks, takeout, takeaway, set lunch, barbecue
Security: security entrance, security office, security personnel/staff, fire exit, lockers, Check ID, video surveillance, cameras, crowded, children easily get lost
二、 Listening situation: environment (section 2/4)
atmosphere: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Ozone, sulphur monoxide
pollution: air pollution, acid rain, contaminated water, pollutant, contaminant, chemicals, toxic waste
Geographical: soil erosion, desertification, drought, floods, overfishing, over-felling, deforestation
energy: fossil fuels, coal, gas, petroleum, solar, tide, wind power, nuclear, marsh gas, methane, biogas
recycling: plastic, paper, glass, bottle tops, ink cartridges, spare parts/components
三、 Listening situation: repair (section 1)
What to repair: fridge, refrigerator, washing machine, CD player, electric light, clock, bungalow, cooker, rice cooker, printer (shelf)
Model type/number
Main problem: leaking, door broken, flashing, hands broken, noisy, fan broken, steam escaping
When to repair: immediately, straight away, right now, urgent
Next week, weekdays, weekends, in a couple of weeks
Mornings, afternoons (am pm)
Quality warranty: expiry date, quality guaranteed for two years
Compensation: refund, replacement
Payment: cash, cheque, credit card, bank transfer
四、 Listening situation: diet and health (section 4)
饮食和健康不但是现在人们越来越关心的问题,也会是雅思听力考试中永恒不变的主题。在Section 4 中经常出现关于健康饮食和生活方式的探讨。与此同时,听力中关于一些疾病的原因和治疗也都跟此有着密切的联系。我想Heart disease, chronic illness, diabetes, obesity,high blood pressure等疾病大家已经并不陌生了。
Food intake/elements: protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, fat acid, calcium, cholesterol, minerals, calorie, kilocalorie
diet: cereals, sugar, salt, lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, vegetables, fruit, red meat, white meat
cereals: wheat, corn, barley, oat, maize, rice
health: low nutrition, malnutrition, overweight, obese, underweight, intelligence, eyesight, brain, learning difficulty, digestion, congestion, heart disease, tuberculosis
Physical exercises: running, jogging, swimming
五、 listening situation: medicine (section 1 )
这个场景每年都会进行几次考查,重点要明确各种关于医生、治疗、疾病、药物、手术、医院的英文表达方式,以及弄清楚西方国家的医疗体系和看病流程。比如说family doctor这个概念在中国几乎是不存在的,但是在西方的社区里非常普遍。如何注册一个家庭医生,他们看病如何收费等都是我们应该去了解的。在国外某些地区,如果没有注册家庭医生,很可能出现一些急症没有医生来看的情况。
doctors: physician, surgeon, dentist, veterinarian, pediatrician, therapist, general practitioner
treatments: cure, remedy, therapy, acupuncture,
diseases: headache, toothache, backache (back pain), stomachache, heart disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diabetes, insomnia, asthma, employment medical, sprain, sports injury, sprained knee
medicine: antibiotics, penicillin, aspirin, sleeping pills (tablets), painkillers, dose, underdose, overdose, ice pack, walking sticks
surgery: operation
hospital: clinics, ward, maternity, emergency, surgery, practice
六、 listening situation: library (section 1/4)
registration: information desk, information sector, librarian desk
registration fee, membership fee
ID documents: passport, visa, student card, library card, driver’s license, credit card, bank statement, phone bill, Identity card, C.V. letter
Library card, borrower’s card, reader’s card, electronic card, PIN, password
Books: fiction, reference books, technical books, leisure books, notion, academic
Periodicals: magazines, journals Current issues, back issues
Technical Resources: photocopying machine, photocopier, color, white and black photocopier, printer, laser printer, card, coin, internet access, computers, laptops
Electronic, digital: CD, DVD, VCD, videos, tapes, cassettes, CD-ROM
Recall system: catalogue (title, author, press, category) , call slip, librarian
Circulation: borrow, loan, return, renew, overdue, fine, reserve
Loan time: weeks, months (up to 4 weeks, maximum loan time)
Training classes: research methods, IT, computer software, dissertation writing
七、 Listening situation: job hunting (section 1/2)
Type of work: vacation jobs, office work, bar attendant, waiter, waitress, zoo attendant, childcare, library assistant, restaurant work, shop assistant, sales assistant, domestic work, reporter, carpenter, freelance, part-time job, full-time job, temporary job
Main roles: receptionist, shop assistant, looking after animals (kangaroo), educate visitors, save wounded/injured animals, maintain website, selling garden tools/carpets, handle customer complaint
Advantages and disadvantages: pay, working hours, workload, flexible, equipment, transportation
Working hours: am pm weekdays (during the week), weekends,bank holidays, public holidays, New year, Christmas
Pay rate: pound/dollar per hour, starting salary, wage
Clothes: formal clothes, suit, informal clothes, casual clothes shirt, trousers, tie, bow tie, uniform
Transportation: bus, train, subway, tube, metro, taxi, cab
Magazine reporters: housing magazine, entertainment magazine, sports magazine, economy magazine, IT magazine
八、 Listening situation: shopping
Price: discount, concession, promotion, sales, half price, normal price, 30% off
Packaging: economy package, family package, container, image, presentation of products
Where to buy: supermarket, market, shop, store, department store, chain store, online shopping
Receipt: invoice, quality warranty, receipt
Supermarket: entrance (profitable), middle shelf (expensive), end of aisles (hard to move), quieter places ( need time to think about)
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