雅思口语话题范文:Part2 经历类

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  Describe a time that a child did something that made you laugh.

  You should say:

  When this happened

  Who the child was

  What the child did

  And explain why it was funny.




  这个卡片的孩子可以说自己生活中的一个小孩,也可以是电视里电影里见到的小孩小孩子的可爱可以从天真(innocence),对世界的理解有限(have a limited understanding of the world), 说话像大人(talk like an adult), 单纯简单(simple things they say about complicated issues)等不同方面拓展


  讲述孩子做的让你好笑的事情时注意连贯性的表达,可以加一些what made me surprised was that…/surprisingly/unexpectedly/interestingly等增强叙述的生动性和趣味性



  Speaking of something that a child did that made me laugh, the first child that comes to my mind is Tian xin who is the daughter of a famous actor and an actress. I knew her from a popular reality show called Dad is Back which airs on Zhejiang TV. This show includes many celebrity dads and their children so it has gained much popularity in China.

  Tian xin is a super cute and lovely girl. In my opinion, she is the most interesting child in this show. What impressed me most is her signature dance Little Apple. She is so adorable when she follows the music and moves her body. I think she has inherited some part of talent from her parents. Additionally, she is also a warm-hearted and considerate girl. In the show, she often tries to help other younger kids and is willing to share something that she likes with others.

  One thing I must mention is that she has presented her gift for acquiring a language although she is only three years old. She often says some complicated words or long sentences which I think are pretty difficult for a three-year-old. However, because she is too young, she has a limited understanding of some words, which often makes me amused. I remember once when she was having lunch with her family, her father told her to eat more chicken. She responded and said “yep, eating more chicken can make me get more muscle” She even showed her “muscle” on the arm proudly to her father. When I watched this part of the show, I just couldn’t stop laughing. You know, she thought “chicken” and “muscle” are the same thing because they have similar pronunciation in Chinese. What makes her funnier is the way she showed her “muscle” and the serious look on her face.

  Her innocence and cuteness make me become a big fan of this show and bring me loads of happiness.

  Describe a time you were not told the complete truth

  You should say:

  What the situation was

  Who was involved

  Why they didn’t tell you the whole truth

  And explain how you felt when you found out you were not told the whole truth.


  话题内容:一次被骗或者被隐瞒真相的经历其实这道题的素材是非常多的,因为本身这个话题可以说是一次很恶劣的被骗的经历,比如说网路诈骗cyber fraud,电话诈骗voice phishing,甚至是虚假广告deceptive commercials导致你买了假货,出去旅行的时候被忽悠被宰了之类了,不胜枚举当然也可以是善意的隐瞒,比如说惊喜surprise, 很多惊喜都是需要一些white lies做铺垫的,甚至求婚什么的都可以是这道题的语料大家不妨思考一下在生活中常见的,自己经历的这种被隐瞒的经历,选择比较容易说清楚的内容讲一下就ok了

  What the situation was: 什么情况下被隐瞒了,或者说对方隐瞒你的目的是什么,大家可以说一下事件的过程

  Why they didn’t tell you the truth: 对方对你隐瞒真相的原因, comfort your feeling; The purpose of fraud may be monetary gain or other benefits;

  How did you feel when you find out not being told the whole truth: 知道真相之后的感受,如果是white lies或者surprise你可能会觉得非常感动,几乎流泪I was surprised and totally shocked but I was so happy about that and nearly burst into tears; 如果是恶意欺骗你可能会非常生气和失望I was really angry being cheated and lied and very disappoint about myself…

  Well, speaking of a time that I was laid by others, one thing just popped out in my mind. Actually, that was not an ugly lie but a sweet lie. I mean the person who lied to me was actually trying to give me a surprise.

  I remember that was in the university, my boy friend and I were in different cities. Back then, he was in Wuhan and I was in Beijing, so it’s a long-distance love. We normally just kept in touch with our phones and laptops, you know wechat, qq, phone calls, video chat etc. But you know what, something nice just happened.

  I remember that was a time near mid-term, I was busy with some basketball match as I served in the Students’ Union. I thought my boy friend was in his uni, and just before the match he told me he was in a class. But, you know what, when the match finished, I saw a man, standing outside the court with a bunch of roses. He came to me without telling me and he just showed up in front of me and wanted to give me a birthday surprise. You know, at that time, I was so happy and surprised, nearly burst into tears.

  What I am saying is that it is about 19 hours train from his place to my uni. And normally we met each other in person only in summer or winter holidays as hi university is too far away from mine.

  So, that was the time I was not told the whole truth but I did love that white lie!

  Describe a time that you forgot something important.

  You should say:

  When this happened

  What you forgot to do

  Who you were with

  And what consequences you faced.


  考官要听你说忘记的一件重要的事情。什么样的事情是重要的,那要看你怎么去说了,比如forgot my keys , forgot to water my plants, 或者更重要的事情, 比如:forgot the flight, forgot father’s day, forgot my mother’s birthday



  what: 先开门见山告诉考官你忘记的事情是什么?How: 整件事情的起因-经过-结果是什么。本来你还记得,因为什么事情不小心忘记了,之后又是怎么想起来的,做了什么去补偿的?what: 最后可以讲这件事给你留下的印象很深刻,此后再也没有忘记过之类的。


  I forgot my mother’s birthday last year. That was the most unthinkable thing for me because I had never forgotten her birthday before. It was actually the time really close to my final exam and I was preparing for it. I thought I wouldn’t forget her birthday and I planed to make her a cake and prepare a hearty meal for her. But I forgot it somehow just on the birthday. I was really busy with my revisions and stuff. When I got home after school my dad reminded me of her birthday. The very first thing I did was that I wrote a sorry card to her. I made a list of all the reason I was glad I got her as a mother and put it in the card. Mom wasn’t really upset.

  I actually know there are plenty of things I am allowed to forget. I can forget to feed my dog. I can forget my keys. I can forget the location of my favorite restaurant. But one thing I shall never forget is her birthday. For my mother, her family is everything and she rarely gets angry or shouts at us when she pisses off. I was terribly sorry for my carelessness. And I’ve certainly never forgotten my parents’ birthday since then.

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