雅思口语话题范文:Part2 实物类

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Describe a movie you would like to watch again.
You should say:
What it was about
When and where you watched it
Who you watched it with
And explain why you would like to watch it again
2.时态变化:观影经历:一般过去时;剧情: 一般现在时
1. 电影词汇
类型:comedy, tragedy, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, suspension, animation
演职人员阵容: cast (leading/supporting/voice, character, director)
其他: visual & sound effect, plot, background, finale
2. 感受词
shocked, amazed, touched, moved, amused, entertained, impressed
As my favorite epic science fiction film, Interstellar is definitely the one that I would like to watch again.
And it was last year, like in October, everybody around me was talking about Interstellar which was no doubt the box-office smash and the hottest topic at the moment. After hearing so much about it, I decided to go to the cinema to appreciate it with the company of my boyfriend who happened to be a major scientific enthusiast, and to my knowledge he had looked forward to it for a long time.
The film is truly amazing both on plot and special effect. The whole story features a crew of astronauts and scientists who travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for humanity. During this risky trip, we witness both the beauty and cruelty of the universe, the bright & dark side of human beings. But it’s actually love that really touches every audience.
I have to confess that I am really not a fan of science fictions, but Interstellar definitely changes my mind. It takes use of a artistic and accessible way to help audience like me to get beneath the skin of certain scientific concept, but at the same time, we could still get its overriding message about the powerful forces of the one thing we all know but can’t measure in scientific terms. LOVE. For a masterpiece like that, who do not wanna watch & get amazed again.
And I’d like to appreciate this scientific saga again also because, in the film, there are still certain cliffhangers and plots that really confused me, especially the finale. Now I’m still not sure whether those scientists and astronauts find the livable planet for human-beings or they just re-built a home for humans on a space station, and why Cooper is still alive after getting absorbed by the black whole? With all my questions and uncertainness, I do would to find out the answer by watching it again.
Describe a special toy you had in your childhood.
You should say:
What it was
Who give it to you
How often you played it
And explain why it was special to you.
1.special: meaningful, unique, indispensable (means a lot)
2.玩具词汇: stuffed dolls, models, building blocks, jigsaw puzzle
As a girl growing up in a working-class family, I did not have as many toys as other girls back to my childhood, but now I still maintain a set of building-block, for it is my favorite that is so special to me.
I think I got it in the year I went to primary school. At that time, all my families felt so happy for me, especially my grandpa who always regarded me as the apple in his eyes. To congratulate me, he bought me a set of building block which was made up of like 100 pieces which were in different colors, sizes and shapes. Can you picture how excited I was when I got it? I was so ecstatic about my new toy and treasured it as much as I could, played it almost every day, sometimes alone, sometimes with the company of my home girls. I could still remember how I used the blocks to construct houses, buildings, castles and stuff like that. With just a blink, I’ve already become an adult, a lady, and my favorite building block has already been put aside into the closet. How time flies!
But it is still very special and meaningful to me, for it’s given by my grandpa who passed away like 10 years ago. When I was young and grandpa was still alive, he always played it with me together and it was a lot of fun. Now when I see my favorite toy blocks, it could always remind me about my beloved grandpa and those beautiful memories we shared together.
Also, back to my childhood, both of my parents were fully occupied with work to fight for supporting our family, so most of time, I had to stayed home alone and wait for them to come back. To get rid of loneliness, I usually chose to play with my toy block. In other word, it’s like my best and most special companion in my childhood.
Last but not least, now when I look back, it was also very special, helpful & meaningful in the development of my intelligence. I once heard from the lecture that toy blocks were very beneficial in improving eye-hand coordination for kids. Meanwhile, by playing it, children could also take the best use of their creativity & imagination.
Reasons above all make building blocks my most special toy in life.
Describe a festival that is important in your country.
You should say:
When the festival occurs
What you did during it
What do you like or dislike about it
And explain why this festival is important.
此考题为2014年出现的题目,之前在part 1会经常出现,属于文化类话题准备此类话题并不难,但是要注意使用相关的文化风俗的词汇以及要把思路给理清晰
1.中秋节:mid-autumn day
2.农历:lunar year/calendar
4.传统价值:traditional value
When talking about one of the most important festivals in my country, I would like to say the mid-autumn day is my favourite actually.
The mid-autumn day is a traditional Chinese festival which occurs on the 15th of August of the lunar calendar, which means it usually happens on someday in September or October each year, according to the solar calendar. It is said that the moon is the roundest of the year and roundness symbolizes family reunion. So you can say this festival, like the spring festival, has special meaning to Chinese people. On that day, we usually first have a big family dinner, and then is the biggie, we will sit outside the house and enjoy the great shape of the moon. We all served with mooncakes, you know, a traditional food especially for this festival, and various kinds of fresh fruits and local snacks. The elders, like my grandparents, would like to tell us folklores about the moon, and the kids, like when I was younger, would listen to those fascinating stories and play lanterns with my cousins. So you can imagine it feels very cozy and relaxed sitting with families under the beautiful moonlight, chatting about chores in daily life, when the weather is usually cool and comfortable.
The reason why I am fond of this festival is because it represents the underlying traditional value of China, where family gathering together is a big deal here. No matter where you are, with or not with your families, in this day, you could just rise up your head, look at the sky, the round moon would remind you of this festival, and your family as well. No wonder this festival has fired the imagination of many poets and writers as the symbol of reunion with the families and being homesick. And it is one of the most indispensable festivals in China.
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